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At Pure Waxing you will get the best customer service and a comfortable, quick and thorough Treatment.


Janice is a fully qualifed NVQ Level 3 Beauty Therapist who specialises in intimate waxing and body waxing. She has been extensively trained in Lycon Waxing and is a registered therapist to use their world Leading ‘Pain-Free’ Wax.


Lycon Wax has been scientifically developed reduce pain by 50%. Lycon wax shrink wraps around the hair only! It does not stick to the skin. Therefore you only feel the hair being pulled out of the follicle, eliminating the stinging effect you get on the skin when normal wax is removed from the skin. Lycon wax works at a lower temperature so there is also less heat and trauma to the skin. Lycon wax removes even stubborn hair as short as 1mm, unlike normal wax where the hair has to be at least 3mm. It’s strength removes hair right from the root, giving you a smooth excellent finish, for a longer period, with no sticky residue. Making Brazilian and Hollywood waxing much more pleasant.






The Only Wax Worth Taking Your Clothes Off For!