LVL Lashes

LVL Lash Lift Gives You Longer Fuller Lashes... For 8 Weeks Without Using Extensions!


The LVL treatment straightens and fans your Own Natural Lash into position to give a false lash effect! Giving you Length, Volume and Lift.  


LVL is one of the quickest ways to brighten and lift your entire face. It is one of the essential treatments chosen by many celebrity make-up artists which gives that stunning wide-eyed look to your natural lash.



Loved by celebrity make-up artists like Lisa Eldridge!


Watch the LVL treatment on YouTube - Click HERE 

Semi Permanent Mascara

Life without mascara every day!


Semi Permanent Mascara has taken the beauty world by storm. It adds 50% volume, Lengthens, Uplifts and Colours your natural lashes and lasts 4 weeks.


It’s perfect when you wake up every morning. Does not give you panda eyes when you swim and there is no smudging and no maintenance needed.



Lash Tint / Brow Tint & Shape