How old do I have to be for intimate waxing? 18 is the recommended age for intimate waxing. You can have it done at 16 but parental consent is required and that adult present at the time of waxing.


Does intimate Waxing Hurt? At your first appointment you are removing all the hair so the treatment is a little more uncomfortable. When you return in 4 weeks, there is roughly only 1/3 of the hair to remove and it gets easier with every treatment as the hair thins and the follicle has less grip. I have been trained in techniques that offer minimum discomfort.


How Long should hair be? Hair should be about 5mm long. If hair is too long this can make the treatment less comfortable.


How Often Will I Need Intimate Waxing? 95% of people come every 4 – 6 weeks. Everyone’s hair growth is different so this can vary.


Can I shave In Between Sessions? This is not recommended as it will knock out your waxing cycle.


Aftercare: Everyone’s skin reacts differently. You may end up with some irritation or redness on the skin after the first couple of waxing treatment. I recommend cold Aloe Vera or after Wax solution, applied to the area every few hours. Redness should disappear within 24 hours.


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